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Warpaints Air Rack (Release Q1 2022)

Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara


Getting more time for gaming has never been more attractive! Warpaints™
Air and Speedpaint is most at home on this unique and innovative all-in-one
retail display. Manufactured at the highest possible level – we have put every
effort into making this the best possible presentation for the products in
your store.

-Rack System with Bottle propulsion system
-3 of each Warpaints™ Air (126 slots)
-3 of each Speedpaints™ (24 slots)
-3 of each Metallic Colour Warpaints™ (10 slots)
-2 of each 100ml Airbrush Essentials: Primers, Cleaner and Varnish (8 slots)
-2 of Warpaints Air Starter Set
-2 of Warpaints Metallics Paint Set
-2 of Metallic Colours Paint Set
-2 of Speedpaint Starter Set
-4 of Wet Palette


Artnr: AW5001
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara


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